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Alaska newspaper sold to online rival

Five years ago, the largest newspaper in the state of Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News, published a skeptical Q&A with the editor of a startup news Web site called the Alaska Dispatch. At the time the Dispatch was a part-time job for its founders. It was accepting donations from readers to pay for Web servers. [...] Read More

Can workers talk about pay?

Salary is often the elephant in the room. Colleagues rarely discuss it, sometimes out of fear that offending their employer could have real consequences. Often talking about pay is just not considered polite. President Obama signed an executive order Tuesday aimed at increasing transparency around wages, in an effort to narrow the pay gap between [...] Read More

Toyota recalls 6.4 million cars worldwide

Toyota announced five recalls on Wednesday, affecting a total of 6.39 million vehicles globally. The recalls cover 27 Toyota (TM) models — including Camry, Corolla, Matrix and Highlander — the Pontiac Vibe and the Subaru Trezia. Some of the vehicles were made as early as 2004. Toyota plans to inspect and, if necessary, replace parts [...] Read More

Heartbleed bug: What you need to know

What is it? It’s called the Heartbleed bug, and it is essentially an information leak. It starts with a hole in the software that the vast majority of websites on the Internet use to turn your personal information into strings of random numbers and letters. If you see a padlock image in the address bar, [...] Read More


EU takes aim at CEO paychecks

Europe is planning to give shareholders the power to limit top executive pay. The European Commission released proposals Wednesday that would require Europe’s 10,000 publicly listed companies to hold binding votes, and to say how employee and executive pay compares. “There is an insufficient link between management pay and performance and this encourages harmful short-term [...] Read More

Gaultier: A modest provocateur who might be slowing down

It is rare for me to attend a retrospective of someone’s passion, their life’s work, while chatting to that person amid that work. But that’s what happened when I met the friendly and very talkative Jean Paul Gaultier. He gave me 15 minutes of his time, surrounded by some 165 garments stretching throughout his 38 [...] Read More

Oscar Pistorius grilled by prosecutor: ‘You shot and killed her. Say it’

Oscar Pistorius was the target of relentless and combative questioning Wednesday as the prosecutor in his murder trial tried to rattle the runner about the night he shot dead his model girlfriend. Vowing to “get to the truth” of the events that took place on Valentine’s Day last year, prosecutor Gerrie Nel began a blistering [...] Read More

Davis Cup: Roger Federer puts Switzerland in semifinals

He’s won virtually everything on offer in the world of tennis, and Roger Federer took a step closer to a complete collection as he saved Switzerland from an embarrassing defeat in the Davis Cup quarterfinals on Sunday. Staring down the barrel against unfancied Kazakhstan following Saturday’s doubles loss, the 17-time grand slam champion wasn’t even [...] Read More

220 km Sahara desert run: ‘The toughest race on Earth’

Would you pay thousands of dollars to spend seven days running under the scorching sun of the Sahara Desert, traversing shifting sand dunes and punishing rocky plateaus for more than 220 kilometers, with all your food and kit affixed to your back? It may sound like insanity, but it’s exactly what daring men and women [...] Read More

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